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At Alamogordo Dermatology our passion is to provide the highest quality care available to you, our patients. We hope to make all of your visits (from initial consultation to treatment to follow-up) the most convenient and comfortable experience possible. We would like to be your skin care provider for life. We can deliver a lifetime of skin care from infancy to childhood to middle age to the golden years.

We treat conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis to relieve or improve signs and symptoms that limit your comfort, health and enjoyment. We provide specialized, highly effective, tailored treatments for a variety of skin cancers to restore and extend the quality of your life.
Whether you suffer from pain, irritation or embarrassment from a persistent skin condition or if you’ve noticed a suspicious new spot or mole, we can help.

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Alamogordo Dermatology

Superficial Radiation Therapy

We are proud to offer this cutting edge technology to eradicate skin cancers (except Melanoma) with a 99.3% cure rate.  All without any surgery and minimal side effects to the surrounding skin. Click Here to see more about SRT.

Elena Giese, CNP (Certified Nurse Practitioner),  specializes in Medical Dermatology.

Elena actually was fully trained as a Medical Doctor in Ukraine. She received her MD degree from
Kharkov Medical University, Kharkov, Ukraine

She practiced as a Dermatologist in Ukraine for 13 years before moving to the Unitied States.

Unfortunately her Medical Degree from Ukraine did not transfer to the US, but since she had all that experience doing dermatology, once she moved to the US, she started over and pursued a degree which would allow her to practice Dermatology again. Thus, she became certified as a Nurse, and then obtained certification as a Certified Nurse Practitioner, and in New Mexico, Nurse Practitioners have privileges to do anything an MD can do. 

Having practiced as a Medical Doctor and Dermatologist she has a wealth of experience  in all facets of skin disease, far beyond the experience and training of most other Nurse Practitioners.

Elena prides herself in being extremely thorough. She does a full body examination on every patient she sees. 

Elena specializes in medical and surgical dermatology including diseases of the skin, hair, and nails.  

To schedule an appointment, please call: 575-437-4533.